Did Your Startup Get Funded This Spring?

good brandname

Summer is here and startup companies around the world are beginning to bloom after a strong wave of liquid capital.  During May more than 300 new businesses received a total of $1.5 billion in funding.  Was your startup one of the lucky ones?  According to investment industry professionals, a strong brand and exact match domain name is often the difference between getting a pitch meeting or not.   A good brandname helps a new venture to stand out from the crowd and get the attention, and funding, it deserves.  Let’s take a closer look at a few of the startups who received financing in May 2016.

DriveScale is an American data architecture solution for IT administrators.  It enables web technicians to manage and drive pools of data efficiently as they scale-out their projects. The company’s brand name and matching dot-com website utilize two powerful keywords: drive and scale.  These words describe the process of a powerful and controlled expansion.  Correspondingly, their brand is memorable and a creative reflection of their core products and services.

Curapel, another startup, is a pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in the UK. They specialize in medicines that cure skin problems with minimal side effects. Currently they have three products under development and each one is projected to transition quickly and easily into clinical trials. For their branding, they’ve chosen an invented name based on the word, cure. This gives their brand a familiar feel while making it easy to pronounce and spell.  At the same time, it indicates to customers a major focus on health and healing.

Bitso is a Peso and Bitcoin exchange platform headquartered in Mexico City.  Their brand is short and concise. It’s easy to say, spell and remember.  The brand starts with the first syllable of Bitcoin and ends with the energetic word, so, which means, very or extremely.  The final result is a delightful and economic pairing of sound, words and meaning!

Innovu is another American startup, again in the health sector. Its specialty is the aggregation and dissemination of health benefits data. The company specializes in providing relevant information in a flexible and user friendly format.  This type of service is of immense value to those who create, implement and manage, health care programs for their members and employees. Innovu anchored their brand with the first two syllables of the word, innovation.  An apt choice since their core service is creative and disruptive of the old fashioned, method of accessing health benefit information via hard copy.

Has your startup recently received funding? Do you have a favorite startup name or brand? Let us know in the comment section below.