Customer Service – Part 2: Availability

customer service branding

Nothing says reliability in a business brand than constant availability and easy communication. Regardless that it is not realistic to be at your customers constant disposal and maintain a personal life but its important for your business to be accessible 24/7 so your clients feel they are constantly catered to. Set your website up so clients have access to your business any time they need to get in touch while giving you more personal privacy and freedom.

Have a business phone so your personal phone isn’t always buzzing and set up a scheduler to book appointments on your website while you’re away. Creating contact information that is exclusive to your business allows you to advertise and publicize your information while maintaining your personal privacy. As a start up it is easy to turn your business into your life so take steps when building your business to create ways to be contacted while you are away. When your business is easy to contact it gives customers an indication of credibility behind your business.

A phone service like is beneficial because the number is not attached to a specific location but to a login instead. You can give several people access to the same line and even if your business relocates your number will stay the same. This also has the ability of messaging and video chat giving you levels of communication to be contacted on and to do long distance business with. You can have a face to face talk over the internet, talk with clients over the phone, and chat with them quickly at their convenience through messaging.

An excellent product for allowing clients to schedule time with you is This is a step above the phone number where they can leave a message, this is blocking out time for that customer out of your preset available time. Clients will love coming to your website at whatever time and know for sure when they will be able to speak with you or work with you rather than just leaving a message or an email and hoping to hear back. You put the Setster widget on your website so you can integrate the ways to be contacted on every page.

Availability and openness reminds clients that your business is trustworthy and reliable. These are the crucial messages for clients to walk away with because these are the messages that will create trust and brand loyalty. This helps your new business grow and establish a positive brand identity. We leave customer service and availability as the last post in building your brand because all of your efforts in choosing a domain name, building a website, distributing your knowledge, networking, conversing, legalizing, controlling, managing, and communication about your business brand is geared towards gaining a steady customer base. Once you have these customers there is nothing more important than maintaining a positive brand image and carrying your proactive, open, and intelligent brand strategy into your business activity.