Customer Service – Part 1: Help Desk

help desk branding

As an entrepreneur so much of your brand strategy is dedicated to talking about business, getting results, and having a positive light cast on your brand. It’s easy to forget sometimes to listen to what the people you are branding towards have to say. Being a well-branded business with a respectable foundation is great, but you need to have people talking about you and with you to get the positive message passed around. Encourage questions and conversation about your business. Efficiently responding to these basic technical support and customer relation questions will make sure that the clients your branding has caught will remain happy with your business.

It is necessary to respond to the wave of contacts and questions about everything from needing to reset a password, a bug on the website, or questions about your brand’s message. There are some helpful online services like and that streamline communication and create communities to help with your customer service. These services allow people to talk directly with your help desk and each other, and they are cost effective and make life simpler. Having them based online makes it so there is no need to download or purchase software, and you can have access to your help desk wherever you are.

Giving clients every opportunity to ask for help or give feedback shows your brand’s level of openness. This transparency in communication gives customers more trust in your brand and shows you have nothing to hide in your business, which builds brand loyalty. Address all questions, comments, and concerns — positive and negative. When a client has something negative to say your response can eradicate this negativity and replace it with positive communication. A client’s kind words about your brand can lead to some testimonials and getting permission to use these on your website will help comfort other visitors that you are trustworthy. People trust word-of-mouth marketing.

Your business is supported by your customers. These clients ultimately control the success of your startup, so listen to them. Pay attention to the common questions and comments you get after you buy your domain name and set up your website, and actually address these issues within your business.  If something is commonly unclear then fix it, cater to your clients, and don’t assume you have the best objective view on your new business. Giving attention to feedback you receive and flexibility and action on their opinions or questions determines if your startup can evolve or if your business brand will become extinct. Amongst all the brand strategy that focuses on image, the business branding dedicated to development and improvement is what will create a brand name with longevity.

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