Creative Brand Names of Senior Care Tech

Creative Brand Names

Many tech startups create products and services geared towards a demographic that embraces new technology. But the health care industry is one sector that’s proved to be an exception. Already the world’s senior population exceeds 600 million people. According to the Global Age Watch Index the over-60 population in the US alone could increase by 30% between now and 2050. That means billions of government and consumer dollars will be spent on elder care over the next few decades. In response to this opportunity, some creative brand names are focusing their creative efforts on home care, consulting services, monitoring systems and social networks designed to preserve the well-being and quality of life for our growing elder population.

Everyone wants to be a hero

There are a number of startups like CareLinx, Seniorly, CareZapp and Our Parents which facilitate the process of researching, vetting and contracting home care services. But the California based venture, HomeHero, steps it up a notch with hundreds of bonded, insured, non-medical home care givers. They augment their services via smart technology to extend the elder care system right into the home. They do this by catering to individual families while at the same time empowering health systems to launch, operate and grow their own non-medical home care programs.

The company’s founders have appeared on Forbes 2016 “30 Under 30” list and received the 2014 Webby Award for #1 Employment Website. Their brand and exact match, dot-com domain vividly illustrates their role as heroes in the elder home care space.

Safety first

The east coast startup, SaferAging, aims to create a virtual safety net by monitoring the daily activities of residents in elder care communities. This includes nighttime door usage, medication dosages and real time notifications. Critical alerts are sent via phone, text, and email to campus staff, healthcare personnel and even family members when appropriate. They combine emergency notifications with non-invasive, activity monitoring allowing care providers to respond quickly and effectively to any resident’s needs. Their brand aptly conveys the core mission of increased safety for seniors as they move precariously through their late life, journey.

Soft care during hard times

CareMerge provides online apps, software and platforms that help senior living communities reduce costs and better connect residents, families and caregivers. Their program features permission systems, customizable workflows and third party integration. They also provide insights into community wide trends with real-time data and analytics. The company’s name is a lucid illustration of their core service which merges and coordinates the multiple facets of effective and compassionate senior care living. 

The world is my family

AgingCare is more than a website it’s a community of caregivers, seniors and their loved ones who gather together to ask questions and exchange ideas with knowledgeable professionals and responsible experts. The company offers one-on-one support and practical advice with ample opportunities to share the experiences, insights and the joys of elder care giving. The company’s brand features an exact match, dot-com website whose name makes intelligent use of two terms synonymous with the senior care industry and the needs of an aging community.

The cost of elder care in a nursing home can be several times that of in-home care. But technological advances like the ones offered by these companies hope to reduce costs and better meet the growing needs of our rapidly expanding senior population without sacrificing top quality care and a comfortable lifestyle.