Creating Cool Product Names for a New Product Idea

product names

You work extremely hard for coming up with a new product idea that you think will completely blow everyone away with its unique benefits and offering. But you may have a harder time in coming up with cool product names for your new product. Here are some tips to help you out.

Product name ideas do not just come into your mind, the same way product ideas don’t. The way you had to do adequate research and careful planning to come up with a unique product, you need the same for generating unique product names that will be appropriate and relevant to your product and its essence. You will be able to find a lot of steps, tips and tools available in both the virtual and physical world to help you find good and original product names.

Instead of going for popular name generators in the very beginning of your product naming process, start with these 8 creative questions that will help you get the best idea of what kind of a product name you want, need and should get for your product and how to do so. You can ask these questions to yourself as well as to a group of people who are helping you launch your new product, to get your hands on as many options as possible for naming the product.

Questions to ask yourself when deciding on  cool product names:

  1. What words are there which can accurately describe the things that your new product can do, the benefits it offers, or the experience people can get from its usage?
  2. What are some of the other products which do the same or closely resemble your product?
  3. Keeping the products addressing the second question in mind, what words have been utilized to describe such products which you can alter and augment according to your requirements?
  4. What would the specific super powers of your product?
  5. What words can be used in order to portray this product particularly with the purpose of attempting to make an impression on someone you really care about such as your mother, father, husband, wife, partner or lover?
  6. What other words can be utilized that can help to contribute to the emotional effect of the product name?
  7. What words can you use which can describe how your new product works at its optimum level?
  8. What words can you select which will be better in terms of being more attractive, catchy, memorable, strong, unique, positive and appealing?

Before addressing these questions, keep in mind that the purpose of such questions is not to help you generate faux new names for your product. If, however, you intend to go with made up names by combining a collection of syllables, then you will be able to get your hands on a number of useful tools and websites available on the Internet who can help you in knowing about the meanings of each prefix and suffix as well as how to use them for making new names for your product.

In addition to that, you can also find websites, tools and business name generators which can help you find a great product name. Some of these name generators help you do this by allowing you to input your desired keywords or criteria and then coming up with names appropriate in terms of those inputs. There are even particular websites that can help you in mixing and matching words to create mishmash product names for you. Other websites help you in coming up with words that rhymes with your keywords to come up with rhyming compound product names. The options are nearly endless when it comes to generating made up product names according to your wants and needs.

Instead of helping you come up with made up product names that consist of irrelevant syllables, the questions presented in this article are there to actually help you get effective, inspiring ideas for getting real-sounding, original and relevant product names. With the help of these motivating questions that probe you to think clearly and creatively about words that make sense, you will be able to accumulate a lot of alternatives and options of good product names. With a basket of good names available to you for your new product, you can then go to the next process of screening out the less desirable and irrelevant ones to be left with the one best product name that meets all of your criteria.

Image by: Nina Matthews