Dynamite Brands at Winter Demo Day 2017

cool brand names

Twice a year, the startup accelerator, Y Combinator hosts a multi-day pitch session called Demo Day. This event occurs about ten weeks into their 6 month, seed funding and mentoring cycle. It’s an opportunity for each participating startup to present their newly developed prototype and business plan to a specially selected group of investors, venture capitalist and Y Combinator alumni.

Frequently these emerging companies have cool brand names that could be an inspiration or catalyst for someone exploring venture branding and exact match, domain acquisition. With that in mind, here are some of the outstanding startups that appeared at Y Combinator’s Winter 2017 Demo Day.

Calling themselves the Fitbit of dairy cows, Cowlar makes a smart collar for farmers who want to monitor the temperature, activity and behavior of their animals. The data is collected and processed to create actionable analytics that can improve both productivity and income generation. The product aims to improve both cow health and milk production while saving money on labor, veterinary visits and antibiotics.

For efficiency in marketing and customer acquisition the company website is wisely located on the exact-match, version of their brand. Their company name is a creative hybrid of the words, cow and collar. By simply changing the L in collar to W, the founders created a unique, yet familiar feeling, brand that gives their customers an instant understanding of who they are and what they do.

The San Francisco startup Token Transit was founded by two former employees of Apple and Google. Their new venture provides a mobile ticketing app for public transportation that allows urbanites to ride the bus anytime without the usual payment hassles. Customers simply use their app to select a fare, make payment, and board the bus with a visual ticket that appears on their mobile phone screen.

The company brand is a combination of two relevant keywords that aptly evoke public transportation. Their app provides a virtual bus token and the alliteration in their brand name makes it both memorable and useful for word-of-mouth customer acquisition.

Apozy, is a free browser extension that has already raised $1.55 million in startup capital. Their service aims to put an end to phishing, web-attacks and malware . It allows for a safer web surfing experience by enhancing privacy protection and alerting users when they, or one of their contacts, have been hacked. The extension can also increase data safety and avoid social engineering issues as well.

The company’s brand is short, and concise, consisting of only three syllables and 5 letters. It’s an invented name with a flavor of the word, oppose. Quite appropriate for a product that opposes the hackers and malware that all too often infringe on our web browser experience.

From web browsing to cow grazing, Y Combinator startups are creating practical tools to delight office workers, commuters and farmers. Hats off to these three companies for choosing cool, creative brands with dot-com, domain names.

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