Conversations Part 1: Twitter Branding

twitter branding

In the era of computerized telephone prompts, email auto-responders, and web-based customer support, your business brand needs to set itself apart by having a “human” touch. The live informal updates, and one-on-one communication that Twitter can offer goes a long way to personalize your new business domain and your brand through status updates, comments, @replies, tagging, direct messaging, and general conversations. The current wave of the web is grounded in social interaction and if your business wants to be involved with the internet it needs to be a part of this social sphere.

Seemingly simple and relatively new, many entrepreneurs wonder what makes so great. Why all the hype? Twitter seems to be just a bunch of people talking about their lunch, gossip, and other frivolous daily activities. However, this streaming internet conversation is what your business marketing should aim to be a part of. The conversations that happen across have become indicators of pop culture, news, and the best business brands. Status updates are sweeping the internet, and even advances in hardware like smart phones are making those on-the-go thoughts and opinions easier to record and follow. To be part of the conversation in this social hub is a gateway to turning your startup into a memorable brand name.

Twitter covers many branding needs in one simple interface using one simple feature – status updates. It provides an opportunity to present a personal brand within a business brand, allows you to distribute knowledge and happenings of your business, gives you the place to link and chat for good internet karma with fellow entrepreneurs within and outside your industry. This website has become proof of “word of mouth” business reviews being important.

The rules of consistency, uniqueness, and entertainment applies with Twitter. Frequent status updates on business happenings makes sure followers won’t forget you, and they will recognize your Twitter icon/logo the more that you tweet. Make your stream entertaining by utilizing links and photos that Twitter allows. Consistently tweeting about applicable business information and news helps to establish that knowledge that raises your brand equity. Try to mix business with personality – BrandBucket’s Twitter friends like @sonatacreative @brandsimplicty and @brandingexpert have a solid supply of valuable content but remember to throw in personal anecdotes making them not only great sources of information but entertaining streams to follow.

Personal branding is talked about all over the internet and for the solo entrepreneur the personal brand plays an important role in your work; however, people want to know your business is not just a domain name but has brand personality as well. Followers like to know when a CEO is serious or humerous, and they like to see the viewpoints of various members of the company. Each employee should know what type of content goes into influencing the overall brand because they are part of it. You can choose to have everyone tweet under the one account, creating a collective stream under your business name, or you can tag each individual tweet with your initial to signify who is speaking for each tweet. This lets followers learn which person has a wacky sense of humor,  finds great content, or has those strong opinions. The simplicity of Twitter makes it accessible for personal branding as well as business personality branding.

Twitter added trending topics and is now a resource to search engines — it is becoming a streaming representation of popular culture. Their catchy service has made their domain name a verb, you hear about people “twittering” just as much as you hear of people “googling”. The most powerful businesses are embedded within popular culture and Twitter is a fun and entertaining way to be involved and to give others something to be involved in. As money gets tighter consumers find importance in liking the people, products, or services they invest time and money into. Twitter is an excellent way to connect yourself to current conversations and become a brand name with personality as well as a successful business.