Control Your Business Brand

Business Brand

You’ve put in a lot of work toward securing your business name and domain name; now you need to think about how to control your business brand across the Internet. Cover all your bases by having your business name or domain name on network possible. Having your business on the larger social networks is common, but you can’t forget about the small niche networks out there that you may not fully utilize until later. Set yourself up on these sites now so that you can keep control over the content and messages that are associated with your brand name.

In a previous blog we established the importance of socializing and maintaining a positive and consistent presence among the most popular social networks and web services. Constant activity on the smaller “niche” networks is not as important as it is with those key networks but it is excellent brand strategy to control all corners of your brand name. You don’t want somebody else producing irrelevant content under your business name. For example, though you may not be very active on, you don’t want somebody else to start posting videos that have nothing to do with your business under a username that matches your business name.  Another reason for claiming your username right away is to reserve it for future business expansion. Needless to say we all hope our businesses will grow and expand so it can’t hurt to sign up for a account now so when you have pictures to post or videos to host you’ll have your username waiting for you.

When you sign up for accounts on these networks, you benefit from having links to your new brandable domain name spread across the internet — free advertising just by signing up and filling out profile information. We recommend or to find if your business name available or taken on the most common social websites. Some great niche websites to have a username on are and for videos about your business, and for photos and other digital art from your business, and for sales, and and for creating radio stations.

As you brand yourself across the web you may begin to wonder how your are efforts working for you and what people are saying about your business. Now that you are signed up on lots of networks you are hopefully creating a buzz. Helpful sites like let you follow chatter across all networks — search for your business name and see what people are saying about your company and products.

Securing your domain name and business name are a technical aspects of a startup, but joining networks and claiming your brand name as every username possible is branding that will lead you to totally controlling your business brand and becoming a memorable and influential brand name. Your business name should maintain a consistent brand image so make sure you are the only person using that name to network.