Company Name Ideas

company name ideas

With new companies cropping up every now and then, cluttering the marketplace with intense competition, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good company names. But of course you cannot do without a name nor can you do away with a less than good enough business name. So what are the options left? Find a great company name! How to do that? Let Brandbucket make it all easy for you.

It’s important to understand the fact that finding a good company name doesn’t just come to you within the blink of an eye. You need to put an effort for it. You need to brainstorm! Brainstorming starts with an inspiration and goes over a lot of stages such as analyzing the names of similar companies, evaluating your favorite business names, going through blogs by professionals and so on. Let us go a bit into the details of how you can actually undergo the entire company naming brainstorming process.

  1. Right people and resources

The first thing to do is to gather all your resources together – be it intellectual skills or materials. So just get some good people together, making sure it’s a combination of different kinds of them to be able to acquire differing perspectives. You can have a mix of both insiders and outsiders as well. Business partners, friends, extended families, colleagues, suppliers – anyone who has a good command in language. Get a huge white board and marker to write ideas down along with separate paper or pads and pens for each person present there.

  1. Flexibility

You need to be flexible in the initial stages instead of being firm on finding the best possible name at the very beginning. Simply loosen up and begin with brain-stimulating and interesting processes such as word-association exercises. These will help to spawn stimuli for subsequent steps. You should motivate everybody present in the discussion to mention any and every word that comes to their mind related to the business ideas. Make sure someone is noting these words and ideas down. Have pages after pages filled up with such words. Again, be flexible.


  1. Generation

Next, ask everyone to write down 10 names they can come up with on the paper given, that too within a certain amount of time, say around 10 minutes. However, it’s not a team work this time, as everybody has to do this work individually. This whole exercise along with the time limit ensures that people don’t get too focused on finding the perfect name. Instead, they should simply begin writing the words that first revolve in their mind. Time limitation ensures that the biasness from self-consciousness doesn’t hamper the thinking and naming process here.

  1. Passing and pushing

The process gets even more interesting when everyone is asked to pass their paper of names to the person sitting left to them and then asked to generate another 5 names, that too in just 7 minutes, taking inspiration from the names they got from the piece of paper of the person sitting next to them. This helps to inspire the people further, push their creativity to a higher level as well as to expand the thinking of other people from their mindset.

  1. Selecting and sharing

The passing of papers is done again. But this time, instead of having to come up with more names, everyone is asked to select the 5 best names from the 15 in front of them on the page they received and finally share those 5 names with the entire group present. Someone should be noting down these selected shared names and everyone should be motivated to build upon the selected names even further. The result of this exercise will be numerous names – mostly horrible ones, but a lot of good ones as well. But don’t stop here. There’s more left to do.

  1.  Sorting

Spend the following couple of weeks sorting through the piles of generated names from the exercises conducted earlier. Even include the ones that were not chosen as favorites in the last phase. Select the ones you think are the best for your business and note them down. Make sure that you check for availability for these chosen names in this very stage to avoid predicaments that can crop up later. Check for URL availability as well.

  1. Short listing

Screen out more names each day and finally make a short list with the remaining ones. Then assess them in every possible way. It’s important to face the reality that no name is perfect based on every criterion. Not everyone will love your selected name. But for now, what you require is a good company name that you can own and that is easy, simple and unique enough to be memorable as well as relevant. Make sure it stands out from the crowd and puts your company in front of the world in the best possible way and allows the business room to expand in the future when needed. When you come up with such a name, don’t let it go.

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