Choosing the Best Domain Extension for Your Business

Domain ExtensionPhoto by: Viajar

As you build your business you want to be sure to be in control of your business name. Trademark and secure that .com as well as all the other domain names available to control your brand name. When purchasing your first domain name you may not be sure of what domain extension to use and what are the benefits to each. A top level domain is important for a new website and those niche extensions can help you to find the right client base.

Always go with the .com. However, if your business is set in stone and your just now looking for a business domain name your .com is probably taken. The .com version of the domain name will get more traffic as it is the automatic extension people assume but if you choose the right niche domain you can build a hearty following while working on getting your .com.

The most popular domain extensions are .com .net .org .edu and then the location based domains like .us and .de and each have their niche they are best suited for.

.com – Created for commercial sites, it has blown up for companies and as it has become more trendy and time passes the .com is being bought up which doesn’t leave much for start ups.
.org –  This is for organizations that are non profit like churches, charities, and more.
.edu – Indicates an educational system. – And other location domains can be just as important as the .com as many UK companies choose the domain name. These location domains will give your business an immediate personality as you get an instant sense of where in the world the business is coming from and can build trust if you are a local business looking for local customers.

There are new domain extensions bubbling up all the time, we are familiar with .biz .info and .me. There are now even more like the newly released .co to the .mobi .tv .car and .hotel for industries. The niche domain names like .travel and .jobs give you an industry indication right away so you can use a creative and inventive brand name and your customers will know the industry without having to use keywords in the actual domain name. I recommend you grab your niche domain name even if you do get the .com. You don’t want somebody branding messages and content that isn’t yours on the niche domain name.

The newest extension .co is creating quite a buzz. Is this the next .com? As businesses grow with frustration of finding a solid .com name – one that is indicating of business or tone and is pronounceable without being boring and descriptive – the .co domain has arrived at the right time to be successful. Get the .co domain too if you have the .com because its too easy to just forget the ‘m’ in .com and be redirected to the .co domain. This is a short and memorable extension and major companies are finding it beneficial bought clearly showing the brandability of the .co domain.

The .com domain is the undeniable choice – it’s the button on the iphone and the assumed address but not all is lost without it. Utilize the uniqueness of the other extensions and jump ahead of the game with .co to give your business a leg up in branding. It’s a great idea to own several domain names under your business name, just be sure to direct them all to the same website to maintain brand consistency.