Choose a Brandable Business Name to Build a Brand Name

Brandable Business Name

Photo by: Wendy Harman

When starting your company you need to know your goal. Do you want to become a household brand name or quick-start business with specific products or services? If you choose brand name, you’ll need a brandable business name you can evolve with.

Choosing a very specific keyword domain or business name for the start of your company forces your startup into a descriptive little corner that will keep you from branding a strong identity past that description. If your business succeeds and expands, you’re looking at a naming issue with the serious possibility of a rebrand. Instead, invest in a brandable business name that you can keep regardless of the changes your business may make. Look for a good business name that has potential to become your umbrella brand name for all the rest of your ventures.

Choosing a brandable domain name as a start up may also save you money. It most likely won’t cost nearly as much to purchase a unique brandable domain name compared to the ideal keyword domain name. Often, companies that buy a keyword domain names find themselves having to purchase additional domain names just to grab the wider scope of traffic. The same people who own bought to cover all niche markets for that industry. Why separate your business?

Even companies that find success with keyword domains are filed under a more general umbrella business brand. PetsUnited uses that general name as their umbrella brand and their investments are largely focused on collecting keyword domains like,,,,, – buying every possible domain name is not always the most affordable choice for startups. Quidsi is an umbrella brand for the keyword domains and the two domains act as separate companies but they share the same warehouses. Even when collecting keyword names you find yourself with the big brand name for your business when you are finding success in your venture. So start with the big brand name for your startup.

The argument for a keyword domain is that it will make your business more successful at the beginning but having the keyword domain name does not insure that your business will be the immediate power brand. When thinking of a place to buy diamonds brand names like and come to mind before ever occurs. With a more brandable and broad approach to business your diamond company can become the brand name for luxury rather than simply a single product. Brandable names like Zales and Tiffany’s have personality. That simple teal box signifies Tiffany’s jewelry, which signifies quality and femininity rather than just the diamond the itself. A well-built brand gives an emotional response, it instills an image of quality and a personality rather than just an image of the product sold, and it’s more than just a description of the company.

Be inspired when choosing a name for your startup. Come up with a brand name with potential for personality rather than just a description of your business. Allow room for change and expansion. Your start up business name can eventually become your umbrella brand which builds and expands to smaller companies. CocaCola is the umbrella brand for Minute Maid, Sprite, Fanta, and more, but that original brand name is the most powerful of those products and the name has remained as their product has changed. CocaCola is the name that gives a positive feeling when speaking about the product. Give your start up the chance to become a powerhouse brand name rather than just a business and go with a brandable unique business name.