Choose a Brand Name to Match Your Brand’s Voice

I like to think of a great brand name as a pretty face, and the brand as the person behind that face. A pretty face, like a great brand name, is nice to look at and instantly attracts you, sparking your curiosity.  Once you’ve seen it, you will be able to recognize it again easily.

Up to a certain point, a face is the only impression of a person (brand) you have, and if it looks appealing, you’ll dig deeper.  But if that person opens its mouth and have nothing of worth to contribute, all the intrigue that was built up by the outward appearance will quickly fade, as with anything that lacks substance.  In order to have a completely realized brand, you need to make sure your brand image and your brand voice match up in both quality and message. To do this, you should make sure to choose a brand name with your brand’s voice in mind.

If you’re having trouble finding your brand’s voice, check out our neat little tutorial on the subject.

If you’ve found you’re brand’s voice and need the perfect name to suit it, we can help.