Business Names Hatched from BrandBucket:

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Our clients come to us looking for cool business names to get something really started. It’s impressive to see how the business names they select from BrandBucket branch out to become extremely educational and useful websites. In 2008 a group of creative people contacted us about getting a name, and they walked away with has since become a well-designed and helpful resource for startups. It seemed only natural we give them a shout out since they now can help future clients of ours as well.

There are three focuses at Envato: Marketplace, Tuts+, and the ever-expanding “other services”. The site began with just the marketplace, selling digital goods, starting with where anyone can buy and sell royalty free stock Adobe Flash, video and pixel fonts. From there they have added four other marketplace sites.

What Envato calls “Tuts+” is another family of five websites they have created. Tuts+ are tutorials for a wide array of things such as Photoshop, Vectors and Illustration, Web Development and Design, Motion Graphics, and Audio Production. This section is extrememly useful for any startup or creative professional looking to learn some new tricks of the trade.

The team at Envato isn’t satisfied with just those ten marketplace and Tuts+ sites — which is where the “other services” come in. These are a collection of seven niche websites.

This massive and impressive family of websites that all fall under the Envato umbrella was created by a small group from Australia and they have branched out to have team members in every continent. These entreprenuers run Envato primarily over the internet, and today traffic through their network is in excess of 11 Million pageviews a month and climbing fast. BrandBucket hopes that just like, every name we sell will develop into a worldwide success!