From A Brandable BrandBucket Name To A Business Brand

brandable business name

Entrepreneur Rob Emrich, Co-Founder of came to BrandBucket with the existing business, Fast Fire Places. They were looking to venture past that niche. Going back and forth for some time on what domain name was best for them and their new venture, the decision was made months later in June. They chose the brandable domain name

While Fast Fire Places still exists as its own business has become a great e-commerce resource for some seriously discounted quality home furnishings. Membership is free and gives you access to discounts up to 70%. Matt Russo explains “BULX is able to offer our Members the absolute lowest prices on home improvement products by utilizing the private sale model.  Made popular by fashion-based sites, the private sale model gives shoppers a chance to save significant money over the course of four-day sales.” is a stellar 4 letter domain with power, memorability, and the ideal brandable choice for them. Russo tells us “The name BULX has been a great way to “describe” how we procure our products (mainly overstock), and the way we have branded the name and the site implies that our sales consist of high-end, top-quality brands.” BULX is a great example of taking a brandable domain name from BrandBucket and using pathos based branding with a slogan like “love your home” and filling the short brandable name with meaning to create a name with big brand potential. They get to define the name, the name doesn’t define them.

Choosing a quality invented name for your business can prove to be a good choice very early on, it allows you to respond to initial consumer demands. “BULX is already moving into home goods and furnishings as a response to our Members’ feedback for the type of product they want.” says Russo when asked about expansion.  “The combination of an easy-to-remember domain and a well-branded site will allow BULX to move into other product verticals as needed.”

BrandBucket is very excited to see the brandable domain leave our listings and quickly turn into a cleanly designed, well branded, potentially powerful business brand, BULX.  When asking how their experience working with us was Rob Emrich replies “Working with BrandBucket was GREAT!”. Count on the founders’ of this short and simple business name to keep it short and simple. BULX is GREAT!