Brand Ideas From Across the Sea

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Creativity and inspiration can come from a variety of sources. Listening to classical music or walking by a lake could be the catalyst for great brand ideas. Another way to get a fresh perspective on business naming is to take a virtual journey to the continent of Asia.

Many fine words and phrases have sailed across the Atlantic and embedded themselves in American life.  Words like veranda, pagoda and mogul are common English terms taken from the cultures of India, Tibet and Persia. These days, U.S. entrepreneurs are adopting additional words of Asian origin and using them as brands for new companies.  This is especially true for the burgeoning technology industry. is home to Dharma Systems.  It’s a data integration company with offices in New Hampshire and Bangalore.   The word, dharma, has its roots in both Hinduism and Buddhism and means a dutiful and righteous life in accord with the cosmic order. is a recruiting marketplace where both employers and tech freelancers can connect and collaborate.  The word, guru, was popularized in the 1960’s and is often used to refer to a wise mentor or leading authority in a particular field or industry.  So it’s a term well suited to this Pittsburgh based networking platform. is the center point for a design consultancy and research lab.  The company has offices in Brooklyn and Pittsburg and uses a circular work space, that it calls Kiva, to foster brainstorming and creative solutions.  In the culture of the Indian subcontinent, the word maya means illusion; the veil which hides the infinite nature of the universe from our daily perception and experience. is a communications software company that started in Copenhagen and moved to San Francisco in 2011. Their customers include Groupon, Shopify, Vodafone and Xerox. The Japanese term, Zen, originates from a Bhuddist sect and refers to a form of intuitive meditation.

Other applications of Eastern terminology in the technology sector include the engineering and ergonomics website at and the web design services offered at  Then there’s sama, the Sanskrit word for equanimity, which we find at the business consultancy webpage of

Interestingly, America is not the only country that’s using Eastern language as a resource for branding. It’s a global phenomenon.  Manas, meaning mind, is the keyword for the Italian, fashion company at Additionally, Maharishi, meaning great teacher, is the focal point for the U.K. clothing brand at And lastly, Satva, meaning purity, is the brand for the Japanese jewelry company that is found at

BrandBucket hasn’t missed out on this rising trend. In fact its comprehensive inventory is right on point. Inside you’ll find an array of domain names and brands that contain words like om, ninja, yogi, guru, sage, sari, curry, panda, wok, Veda, Ziva, Zen and more.

So if you’re looking for a unique name for your company. You may have arrived at the right place to spur your branding creativity and inspiration.