Our Favorite Business Blogs

business blogs

It is important for entrepreneurs to stay connected with the business community. People are working hard to write excellent blogs that can be helpful to keep you in the loop with on going business, provide a community, as well educate you on some important information for starting a business. Here are a few of our favorite business blogs.

You can find niche blogs as well as larger more general business blogs. Niche blogs are great for finding topics applicable to your specific business needs while larger more general business blogs provide a more massive community, news as soon as it is released, and a wider scope of the business world.

Out of this general business category I recommend:
techcrunch.com – It will keep you updated on the news of the hottest technology, ongoing business deals, new businesses or products launched, and a ton of other interesting information for entrepreneurs.
thenetsetter.com – Covering a plethora of ‘how to’ issues, marketing posts, and interviews makes this an ideal resource for somebody new to the business world and still learning all of the details.
envato.com – This is the umbrella brand for thenetsetter.com as well as numerous other business oriented blogs. I highly recommend you look through all of what they have to offer, there is a lot of it.

Thousands of blogs today are dedicated to one niche topic. This is a great way to get a very specific group of dedicated readers. I could suggest a ton of photo blogs, crafting blogs, design blogs, and more but to stick to branding I recommend:
brandingstrategyinsider.com – Focused entirely on branding this is a perfect blog for you once your business is up and running and you’re working on that brand identity. It covers tips and advice for branding your business as well as tales of other companies successes and failures in branding.
killerstartups.com – This is a steady stream of new start ups entering the business world. Pay attention to what helpful products and businesses you can start to utilize as well as any businesses coming out similar to your own. It pays to be a step ahead in knowing about the up and coming, it makes you look more proffesional and educated.

To find more niche blogs try setting up some google alerts using phrases you are interested in. This will direct blogs your way. Stay in the loop, keep visiting the same blogs, and leave comments. It benefits your personal brand and your business brand to be a part of an online business community. You never know who will be reading that comment you made on your favorite blog, could be a potential client or coworker. Take advantage of the free knowledge floating around on blogs. Being informed and involved is a simple way to build a powerful brand image amongst your community.