Behind The Business Name Mattermark

Business Name Behind The Business Name  Mattermark

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Case in point? When it comes to closing a business deal, it’s all about connecting with the right people at the right time. Data is absolutely critical for virtually every type of B2B (business to business) organization, but the sheer amount of information out there can make it difficult to find the most relevant insights to identify the best prospects. Enter Mattermark, a revolutionary approach to deals and data.

What do they do?

Mattermark’s whole goal is to help businesses (in particular venture capitalists) target technology companies more effectively, which they accomplish in a few different ways.

You can use Mattermark’s database to either look up a particular company or category of company. Either option can actually help you discover new prospects. For example, if you were familiar with Slack but wanted to target other enterprise software, Mattermark can help you discover the full breadth of competitors out there. They even rank how close each similar company is to whatever one you’re checking out. In other words, it’s a shortcut to generating a prospects list.

Once you have a category of companies identified, you can hone in on each business for deeper insights. For example, you can track down who their key people are, what stage they’re at, their funding rounds, recent news, employee growth, social presence and more. The idea is to create a clear snapshot that shows you when your organization might be best received by each prospect.

The big question then, is how Mattermark gathers this information. Using a series of algorithms and web crawlers (which are surprisingly inspired by Buzzfeed’s ‘assignment desk’ that tracks trending topics on the internet), their proprietary software gathers all relevant updates and news for a stunning number of brands. From there, their analysts glean the most relevant insights and verify the data, so you know you can trust what you’re reading.

Mattermark can be used in a host of ways – on your phone, tied into major platforms like SalesForce or Excel, or simply accessed online. While venture capitalists are the brand’s key users, there’s potential for merger and acquisition specialists and sales teams to use the software to stay on top of the businesses they’re most interested in.

What’s in a name?

Mattermark’s name is quite clearly a combination of two real dictionary words, both of which easily relay the mission behind the brand.

The second half of the word – ‘Mark’ – quickly indicates this brand has something to do with targets. In this case, it implies two things. First, that they’re related to business deals and prospecting. Secondly, that they help you focus with accuracy and precision.

The first half of the word – ‘Matter’ – speaks to what Mattermark actually offers to its customers: business insights that matter, on two fronts. Your business gets the information you need to make a confident pitch and hopefully a deal, while also discovering what ‘matters’ to the company you’re looking at.

If you are using two real dictionary words, one question businesses often have to ask themselves is whether they want to be known as one combined name, or two separate words. It’s a subtle but important distinction, and in Mattermark’s case, makes perfect sense.

“The two words that make up Mattermark’s business name are of course, alliterative,” says Margot Bushnaq, CEO, BrandBucket. “But they also have a punchy, upbeat sound that flows so much better when you eliminate the space that would normally go between them. Keeping the space in there can cause the reader to potentially stutter over the words.”

Not to mention, it also makes the name more legally defensible. The combination of two real words often creates an invented word, making it easier to trademark and protect.

Mattermark is, somewhat ironically, something of a start-up that looks at what other start-ups are doing, but it has great potential. Instead of being the company in the headlines, they’re often the ones creating or commenting on them.

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