Awesome Brand Names at Startup Garage

awesome brand names

Brand Acceleration at Facebook’s New Startup Garage

This past January, the info-tech titan known as Facebook became a founding partner in the world’s largest startup facility, Station F.  Based in Paris, this race track sized, business center features 3,000 desks and some of the most brilliant and passionate entrepreneurs from around the globe. According to COO, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook has reserved more than 80 of those desks as part of their Startup Garage program.

Who can join?

In March, Facebook announced it was seeking qualified companies for the first round of its repeating, six-month program.  The application window closed two months later and on June 26 the social media giant announced the twelve companies it had selected.

Facebook says it chose companies based on their commitment to cutting edge, personal data technologies.  Collectively, these startups feature business missions that are geared towards helping customers manage their personal data and improve their lives through convenient, data driven processes.

The final cut

This final group of twelve awesome brand names included the ebooks venture, Glose.  A startup that boasts a mega collection of content easily accessible on any device including computers, tablets or smartphones. Glose’s goal is to engage readers, and authors, in one convenient cyber location.

Their website is located at the exact match, dot-com version of their Latin based name.  According to the company, Glose is derived from the Latin word, glosa, which refers to handwritten notes that clarify any obscure term or passage found in a book. They go on to say that this Latin term, by extension, refers to “any conversation, contribution or debate around a piece of text.”

With this background in mind, one quickly recognizes the Glose brand as an apt moniker for a mission to create a vibrant meeting place for both authors and the readers of their work.

Places to go, things to do

Another winner in the selection for the Startup Garage was a company called Mapstr.  This venture provides an Android-based app that allows its users to create a personalized map tracking system with an unlimited number of their favorite places from around the world.  Their handy tool is customizable and may include pictures and details such as business hours, directions and GPS tracking.

The company name, Mapstr, is a creative hybrid based on the category-killer word, map.  The founder’s added the suffix, “ster” to humanize their keyword and then they dropped the second vowel for added style and flair.  They also intelligently chose to host their webpage at the exact-match URL,

In France they tech on Main Street

The French based company, Onecub, is one of the more overtly data-based members of Startup Garage. It’s a personal portability tool that allows users to collect email data with a single click of their mouse.  Email info can then be viewed on the user’s Onecub dashboard or selectively shared with third party services online.  The goal of the company is to personalize, enrich and simplify one’s user experience across the world-wide-web.

Gas and go

Facebook views its incubator program as a significant player in the global trend to enhance quality of life via innovative technology.   Their six-month program officially kicks off in September and the remaining  participants include Welcome to the Jungle, Jam, The Fabulous, Alan, Riminder, Karos, The School Project, Bruno and Chekk.

Great ideas can accelerate like a high speed racer when given a high octane environment and muscular tools.  So many have broad expectations for rapid success as this hand-picked group of companies enters their first round of Facebook’s cyclical, accelerator program.