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Safeguarding Your Brand? Avoid Intellectual Property Landmines

How to make sure to safeguard your brand and avoid Intellectual Property Landmines that may lead you to getting entangled in legal troubles.

The Difference between a Business and Brand

Can you tell the difference between a business and brand? What makes a brand a business and how can they be differentiated?

Brainstorming Company Names

5 Tools for Brainstorming Company Names

Brainstorming company names with these simple online tool can help you invent the name of your company with ease!

naming your company

The Science Of Memory And Naming Your Company

Utilizing the science of memory when naming your company can help you lock in the most important factor of a good brand name: memorability.

register business name

How To Register Your Business Name

To make sure you’re launching a legal business and safeguard yourself, you should register your business name with the right agency.

business rebranding rules

Business Rebranding Rules

Great business rebranding rules to help you decide whether your business should rebrand.

Business Trademark

HelpFul Tips For Business Trademark

Great advice from trademark law firm Cook & Cook on getting a business trademark that every new startup should know.

Launch your business

4 Resources to Launch Your Business

Now that you have the business name, these 4 resources will help you launch your business quicker, cheaper and with less effort.

Names for Your Business

5 Types of Names for Your Business

When trying to find names for your business you must consider all the types of names and what type of personality they represent.

Unique Brand Name

3 Keys of Selecting a Unique Brand Name

Selecting the name of your brand is a task that must be approached with caution and thoughtfulness. This is because, the way you name your brand, can have a lasting impact on receptive customers.