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Company Rebranding of Envato

Envato came to BrandBucket in 2008, looking for a new name. Read on to see how a company managed to rebrand and build upon its product base so successfully.

The Evolution of a Brandable Name

Virb was not born into the world of website building but started as a social network.  We talk to Brad Smith about the business and name.

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Brandstorming with Nathan Sarlow from CobaltCow

Nathan Sarlow of CobaltCow is a designer of websites and logos, and a brand developer. caught our eye not only because of the colorful and clear website but also because the name uses a clever alliteration with two words you wouldn’t automatically connect.

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Anatomy of a BrandStorming Session: Interview with Mike Macadaan – Part 3

In this final interview with Mike Macadaan, founder of Twiistup, we ask, what is your process for naming a startup?

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The Story of Nibbledish: Interview with Mike Macadaan – Part 2

When online publishing company Tsavo Media acquired, they had a quandary on their hands. Should they rebrand?

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The Name Game: Interview with Mike Macadaan – Part 1

Mike Macadaan has seen his share of .com names. As the founder of Twiistup, he sorts through hundreds of them and every year it sells out to entrepreneurs, press, technologists, and VC’s.