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Calm Technology Leads to Calm Branding

To be calm, a brand needs to have a meaning that is intrinsic and requires only a small amount of attention. This is calm branding.

Startups Disrupting the Sleep Industry

Check out these new collection of startups disrupting the industry by wanting to put us to sleep!

A New Herd of Cool Unicorn Brands

There are 193 companies valued above $1 billion according to the Global Unicorn Club. The biggest ones are Uber, Didi […]

Dynamite Brands at Winter Demo Day 2017

Some of the cool brand names of Y Combinator Demo Day Winter Demo Day.

How Seven Classic Companies Found Their Iconic Business Names

These seven iconic brands have used different approaches to nail their perfect business names.

Funded Company Names #6

Our 6th round of funded company names focusing on international brands.

OkCupid: The Curious Story Behind this Flirtatious Dating Brand

Things weren’t always okay at the online dating startup, OkCupid. In fact, their brand search and naming process was anything but straight as an arrow. The story goes something like this.

Creative Brand Names of Senior Care Tech

Creative brand names in the senior care tech are changing the way services are offered and care is offered.

Agricultural Business Names Revolutionizing the Food Industry

We’re seeing a renewed emphasis and continued focus on agricultural technology in the startup community and these names are shaking things up.

High-Tech Wearables, Smart Home Sensors and Innovative Gadgets

These cool brand names are creating wearables, sensors and other handy gadgets that make our lives more efficient with these exciting innovations.