Agricultural Business Names Revolutionizing the Food Industry

Agricultural Business Names

Population growth is the immutable force driving dynamic change in the farming and food industries.  Add in the steady decline of farmable land and access to clean water and you have a major challenge.  It’s from this perspective that we’re seeing a renewed emphasis and continued focus on agricultural technology in the startup community.  Increasing and maximizing food production in a creative and sustainable way is paramount for the future of our planet.

Help is on the way

Already 200,000 self-driving tractors are plowing fields and sowing seeds around the world.  Drones are flying over thousands of acres providing information on crop health and environmental conditions.  Plant-level sensors are accumulating and transmitting data to farmers and providing up- to-the-minute statistics on a wide array of parameters including soil conditions, animal health, water usage and climate control. These kinds of entrepreneurial innovations are pushing the agricultural industry into an information-harvesting, revolution.

When it rains, it pours

Hortau is a simplified irrigation tool that monitors soil tension in real time.  Its web-based irrigation management technology takes the guesswork out of moisture control and provides systems that accurately monitor and automate water usage.

The company’s name is a hack of the word horticulture meaning the art of plant cultivation and management.  It’s a fitting handle for a company based in California and founded by an agronomist and an agricultural engineer.

Urban insights

A group of Brooklyn-based growers, engineers and data scientists got together to create Agrilyst.   Their company specializes in smart sensors that collect data on crop health, weather, soil quality and water usage at indoor farming operations. Their web-based software platform helps farmers manage crops with data-driven insights and more profitable production decisions.

The company’s name is a crafty combination of the words agriculture and list. It’s a concise and accurate representation of their data driven services which list and compile information to maximize indoor food production.

Show me the money

A company called ProducePay provides cash-flow solutions for farmers, growers, distributors, shippers, and marketers. The company creates new methods for accessing funds and increasing sales when it’s needed most.  For example, their online platform allows produce buyers and sellers to manage their shipments in real-time and to monetize their crops faster than traditional payment scenarios.

Their exact match, dot-com brand is a memorable linking of two common dictionary words: produce and pay.  This simple and straightforward pairing aptly conveys their core product, services and benefits.

A farm with no soil

 Indoor food production startup, Aero Farms, uses technologies that enable successful farming in non-traditional locations and settings.  Their proprietary growth system generates tasty, nutritious leafy greens and herbs without the benefit of sunlight, soil, or pesticides! They accomplish this by misting nutrients directly onto the roots of the plant. When applied properly, their patented technology takes indoor, vertical farming to the highest levels of precision and production.

Since their system does not require soil and instead plant nutrients are delivered directly to the roots via a mist, AeroFarms is a descriptive and appropriate brand for this dot-com based, venture. The linking of aero (relating to air) with farm creates a concise brand that is both descriptive and easy to remember

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