6 Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name

good domain name

Finding a good domain name is not difficult – not true. Yes finding a domain name is pretty easy but being able to get one that’s appropriate for your purpose as well as cool enough for others to remember is quite tricky. And that’s why Brandbucket has come up with 6 important things that you absolutely must keep in mind when choosing a great domain name.

  1.  Same as website or company name

The simplest thing to remember is that your domain name should be the same as your website or company name. Not everyone follows this rule and they end up losing out some way or the other. Why is it so important? It’s because when the site name is the domain name, in other words, the URL or web address is basically the website name, then your target audience will not have to put in extra effort for remembering two different names.  They will automatically know what to type in to reach your site. How can you lose if you don’t follow this simple step? For instance, you decide on and use a specific website name but because the exact same domain name isn’t available and is used by someone else, you use another domain name. Now people seeking to reach your website is most likely to assume your domain name is the same as your website and thus, end up in the other person’s website. The loss is much greater when that person is your competitor. So it’s not possible to overestimate the importance of having a domain name that denotes your website name.

  1. Same as brand name

There’s a very good reason why branding is becoming increasingly popular over time. And the reason is simple – people remember brands. They don’t remember standard or generic terms or names. So when naming your domain, it’s crucial to use your brand name instead of a generic term that reflects the category you are in or the product class you are offering or something of that sort. A load of other websites are using the same generic domain names that you might be thinking of using, so you might just end up being lost in the crowd. The key reason to get a brand name for your business is to stand out from the rest of the crowd. The name alone helps to advertise and promote your business to the world. So why not use it as your domain name as well to ensure promotion through that way as well? It’s important to keep in mind that people nowadays are too busy to remember a lot of information about your business. So it’s always better to emphasize on a single name over and over again – your brand name.

3. Length of name

Whether you want a short or long domain name depends on your requirement. You can choose any length within the range of 67 characters. There are pros and cons of both long and short names of course. The benefit of a short domain name is that people can easily remember such a name as well as easily type it in. also, there’s less possibility of making mistakes with short simple names. On the other hand, a long domain name is also easy to keep in mind when related to the business unlike short acronyms that get into our brain as unrelated characters that are prone to typing errors. Also, long domain names are able to contain more keywords which can give you added advantage in search engines. However, extremely long names are too difficult to remember and get forgotten as a result. Short domain names are difficult to obtain nowadays as most of the good ones aren’t available. The trick is to get a short, simple, meaningful and unique name.

4. Hyphens in name

Hyphenated domain names are also getting popular. But whether you should use hyphens in your domain name or not depends on your assessment of the possible pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros. Hyphenated names are more search engine friendly as the keywords tend to get identified and picked up more easily by the search engines. Also, it might be more of a necessity to use hyphens as the non-hyphenated version of your business or website name may not be available. On the other hand, there are drawbacks such as hyphens get easily confusing and forgotten and often lead to more typing errors.

5. Affixes or forms of name

You have to face the fact that it’s very likely that your preferred name will not be available as a domain name. So you might have to use affixes or other forms using words such as “my” or “the” or the plural versions. The important thing to remember here is to make sure when you promote your business or website, you use the full domain name including the affixes, otherwise people will just end up in someone else’ site.

6. Extensions of name

Lastly, it makes sense to be careful about the domain name extensions to be using. Many people believe that “.com” is the only extension that should be used and they are correct to a certain extent. It’s because it has grown so popular that browser algorithms as well as people themselves tend to search or type in “.com” with every business or website name, without knowing the full domain name. It has become a basic assumption among many. However, other extensions such as “.org” or “.net” are becoming popular and useful as well, especially when it comes to non-profit organizations. Also, it’s better to choose a desired domain name with a less desired suffix or extension, rather than a less desired domain name with a more desired extension. However, when deciding on other extensions, be sure to promote your website using the full domain name, always including the suffixes, otherwise your business might just be lost.

If you have more ideas popping in your head, do share it with us in the comment section. Your precious words will be much appreciated by our audience.

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