5 Tools for Brainstorming Company Names

Brainstorming Company Names

The world is crammed up with a plethora of words – words that can be used as names for your company or business. What’s more is that you can even step out of the box and make up names, as you will soon realize that most of the common words have already been taken. So what sort of tools should you use when brainstorming company names? Let’s take a look at a few.

  1. Attack your industry glossary

Different businesses tend to have different jargons or lingoes of their own. These can turn out to be a great starting point for your name-seeking venture. You can find such catchy words and phrases pertinent to your business or industry in the online world very easily. search for the glossaries used in your specific industry and list words you feel really capture what you do. Mashing them up is also a great way to get a cool invented name.

  1. Google it all

What’s the best thing about search engines? It’s simple – being able to search whatever you feel like. Names, words, terms, anything! And nothing lets you search it all as easily and extensively as Google does. Start by searching for your competition, then utilize search techniques like “vs” after a specific term you’re after and see what other results Google suggests. Type full questions and you most probably will land in a forum where others are discussing a topic and go though it for some ideas.

  1. Jam to oldies and hits

You ask how songs can be turned into names. The real question however should be why not? Songs tend to easily stick to our minds, especially the really popular ones. So pick up your headphones and have a great time listening to the top hits or popular oldies while giving your brain a stormy session of catchy names for your company. Plus its a good break and would certainly put you in a good mood.

  1. Visualize it

You don’t need to limit yourself with words and letters. Photos and images can help you find the perfect names as well. Just look at any photo and your brain will automatically trigger off a number of words for you. So don’t hesitate on searching for images when brainstorming. Photo websites such as Getty Images, Google images can do wonders for you when trying to find names for anything, be it a company, a product or even an idea.

  1. Turn to the good old thesaurus

You can’t blame yourself for not knowing all the different words that perfectly describe your product, service or business. There’s so many of them out there. And this is exactly why you should be using a thesaurus. It can help you come up with different synonyms as well as germane words that you might not have been able to think of or remember yourself. All you need to do is to insert the word of your choice and voila, ideas are presented.

Glossaries, synonyms, images, songs – almost anything can inspire your company name. All you have to do is look around. And with the Internet is here, looking around has never been easier. Just log in, type in a few words, and you will be presented with ideas in every possible way that you can imagine.