5 Characteristics of Great Company Names

Characteristics of Great Company Names

You see amazing and successful company names all around you, but when it comes to finding good business names for your own business, you go all blank. What makes it more difficult is the thought of ending up with a company name that’s not good enough!

In today’s aggressively competitive age, it does not make any sense to risk away all of your hard work, time and money on your company for merely being unable to come up with good company name that you can turn into a brand. Due to the unavailability of cool business names, the task of finding a great one or inventing a new business name has become even more complicated.

So what can you do, you ask? First of all, try to sincerely grasp the reality that you cannot just unearth good business names by following one or two simple rules or by brainstorming for a couple of minutes. You need to put in adequate time, thought and effort if you really want to get your hands on really good names that will be able to boost up your company’s brand.

As mentioned earlier, you will often find great business names around you. Now the important question to ask is what makes them great? Brandbucket has discovered 5 characteristics of great company names, so that you can keep them in mind when you are starting on your quest for some of the best and unique invented company names which you can use for your business. Let us go into the details.

1. Sticky
It might sound weird but your company name should have an element of stickiness in it to be able to grab the attention of your target segment as well as retain that attention. Look around to see the successful business names – all of them have this element. This is what makes people able to remember and recall those names without much effort. If you want your company name to possess the same stickiness, make sure you come up with a number of business names that you think will be appropriate and catchy for your business, then set them aside for a couple of days or weeks, and then try to remember some of them. Chances are that the name that will come the most quickly to your mind, will also promptly cross your would-be customers’ minds and stay there for a longer period.

2. Short
Many people tend to go for long complicated names in the hope of setting their company apart from the rest of the crowd or for attaining the image of being professional, sincere and skilled in what they do. It works the other way round. Most of the people tend to remember and prefer referring to shorter and simpler names and likewise, tend to avoid as well as are unable to recall the longer complex company names. This is because conciseness is positively related to higher probability of being recalled. This is why most of the successful company names are usually within just 2 syllables. Try doing the same by opting for short catchy company names that people will be able to remember and repeat easily.

3. Functional
Just the way your product or company needs to be functional in order to hit the market successfully, your company name requires being the same. It has to be based on the particular function or service on which your business revolves. Without this element, your business name will just be a random name without any purpose or essence. And the most successful company names are usually not random but a combination of a definite function along with some prefixes or suffixes. Try to get a name for your company in this way to have the maximum impact.

4. Story-telling
This is perhaps the most passionate of all the elements required in a business name. Your company name should be able to tell a story, particularly an inspirational one. Spawn a stirring story behind that name but be sure that it is a real one and not a made-up one. People love stories. And you can make them enticed your business name by weaving such stories. If you do not have one, follow this one simple advice: always listen. When you are always paying attention, a nice story is likely to automatically drop on your lap.

5. New language
While coming up with a completely new language for the purpose for naming your company may sound like a difficult task, it is usually a fun thing to do if you are prepared to use your most creative side. You can get the idea or inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Since such a language is completely a product of your imagination, you can experiment with different types of words, letters and so on. The options are limitless. You can mix and match words, misspell words intentionally and do as you wish. Give yourself the freedom to be different when it comes to the name of your business.

There a lot more to consider when choosing a great company name.. Can you think of more?

Image by: Kate Ter Haar

  • While a clever and appropriate name can impress your fan base, choosing an unoriginal, dull name communicates a lack of enthusiasm towards your new business venture. However, it’s never too late to change a company’s name; some of the best businesses have changed their names when a better idea came around.