4 Resources to Launch Your Business

Launch your business

There was a time when starting a small business required a great deal of time. While you still have to work just as hard, if not more, to establish your presence, setting up the business and reaching out to your target customers is faster now than ever before. And it is all thanks to services you can utilize to up and running faster. Here are a few we feel are a great resource.

1) Coming Soon Page

Reach potential customers even before you have fleshed out the finer details of your website. Services like LaunchRock where you can create a “coming soon” page for your business and collect their info make it possible for you to start earlier. Share the page with your contact lists, family and everyone you know. With some luck you will have a database of possible customers whom you can contact when your business is up and running.

2) Trademark Your Name

The first step to establishing your own brand is to come up with a unique business name and check whether there is any other business with the same potential name as yours. Trademarkia allows you to do a quick search in your country and apply for the trademark if available.  With fees as low as $159 you can skip hiring a lawyer or the headache of doing this yourself.

3) Register Your Business

Sites like License123 tell you how many licenses and forms you need to complete to launch a business in a specific State / City and based on the industry and the services you will be providing. They’ll take you through the process and even send renewal reminders every year to keep you updated.

4) Build Your Website

There are so many website builders and Content Management Systems (CMS) services out there to choose from. Most are fairly good and can help you get things setup on your own without the need of a developer. Our favorite is wordpress.org – an open source CMS engine that you can host yourself or find a host from their list of suggested providers. This CMS engine is widely used, and though you can start off with a simple website, you can grow to allow a multitude of functionalities later. Alternatives to this are Drupal and Joomla. Or if you wish to go with the do it yourself route and a hosted service, SquareSpace, Virb, Basekit and others can get you up and running in no time, though “may” limit you in the future.

These 4 resources, when marshaled correctly, will save you time, effort and money, but if  you have others you’d like to include please chime in within the comments.