2016 Domain Name Sales Roundup

domain name sales

Dear readers,

We wanted to share some statistics on how the BrandBucket marketplace performed in 2016. (Yes, we are more than midway through 2017, but things have been quite busy as usual at BrandBucket.) Growth since our launch in 2007 has been steadily climbing, and 2016 was no different. Consumers and businesses all over the world now buy domain names from BrandBucket, and it continues to be a go-to resource for companies looking for a great brandable name.  Let’s jump in:

Overall Domain Name Sales

  • 1017 domain names sold
  • $3070 average sale price
  • $2295 median sale price

Our average price continues to go up year-over-year, and even with more high-value sales than ever, the median sale price of $2295 (half of the sales were above this price, half were below) is higher than previous years, and consistently one of the best in the domain aftermarket space.

Sales Price Breakdown

  • 75 sales under $1500
  • 318 sales between $1500 and $2000
  • 404 sales between $2000 and 3000
  • 109 sales between $3000 and $4000
  • 51 sales between $4000 and $5000
  • 43 sales between $5000 and $10000
  • 17 sales over $10000

Of the 1017 domains sold, the bulk are in the $1500-$4000 range, which has proven to be a sweet spot for startups and entrepreneurs.

Buyer Behavior

  • 14.5% of sales were to repeat buyers
  • 2.27% average discount on listed price

BrandBucket continues to have a loyal following of buyers who appreciate the do-it-yourself-branding idea, the selection of names, and the service team behind the scenes.  The number of sales that closed with a discount was higher than previous years, mainly due to more transactions in the higher price range, and older inventory that had not had a price adjustment in many years.

Seller Metrics

  • 238 unique sellers with a domain sale
  • 134 sellers with 1 domain sale
  • 37 sellers with 2 domain sales
  • 15 sellers with 3 domain sales
  • 51 sellers with 4+ domain sales
  • $2,063,088 paid out to sellers in 2016

These statistics are astounding, and the ones we are most proud of. Our community of sellers has never been stronger. We are also truly thankful for the BrandBucket team — customer support, sales and escrow, accounting, and Brand Ambassadors — that supports this community and makes it all appear seamless and easy.

Cheers to a great year!

Margot Bushnaq, CEO
Michael Krell, Managing Director