11 Rules for Choosing the Right Domain Name

Choosing the Right Domain Name

To be able to get your hands on good website names, you need to keep in mind certain rules and tips that will make sure you do not end up with the wrong names that can hamper your website’s chances of success instead of boosting it. Here are 12 rules by Brandbucket that can help you in choosing the best domain name:

1. Keywords

It is best to start your quest for good domain names by brainstorming 5 top keywords, in other words, 5 terms which can appropriately describe your domain. After finding these keywords, you can start experimenting with them in a variety of ways such as combining them, adding prefixes, including suffixes and so on to make unique domain names.

2. Uniqueness

Your domain name must be unique if you want to grab the attention of your target segment. If you try to copy the names of some other popular domains, you will be known as a knock-off. No one wants to visit knock-off domains when they can just go to the seemingly original ones.  Plus keep in mind Trademark infringements may end up hurting you in the long run.

3. Dot-com

Just because a small portion of the world has managed to break out of the misconception that only websites with dot-com (.com) exist in the huge world of Internet, do not take this small portion to be representative of your entire target customers or users. The reality you have to face is that there are still a lot of people out there who think only .com domains exist and others don’t. Make sure you can get it a name that is available on .com domain. You can use other domains such as .org or .net but having a .com version is imperative.

4. Easy typing

This one’s pretty simple – find a domain name which is easy to type. Names which are difficult to type, because of factors such as length, spelling or complex words or sounds, run the risk of two disasters: being forgotten by people and being so difficult that people attempt to merely avoid it. This can hamper your branding efforts in a major way. Therefore ensure the use of easy-to-type simple domain names that consists of easy-to-type letters.

5. Rememberable

Just like it is important to use easy-to-type domain names, the same way it is imperative to have easy-to-remember names of domains. Why is this important? The answer is simple – it helps in positive word of mouth – an element crucial for your marketing efforts. People tend to repeat, refer and talk about domain names which they remember and can associate positive linkages with.

6. Short

For the purpose of uniqueness, many make the mistake of opting for long and complex names. Do not be one of them. Use short and simple domain names that people can easily recall and retype if required. They are also easier to place on business cards, and promotional materials.

7. Expectations

This one is a bit tricky but can work wonders if you can make sure to use it appropriately. Your domain name should be able to create as well as fulfill expectations. It should be able to communicate to people about the business itself, so that they may understand immediately what the domain is about upon first coming across the name. Irrelevant made-up domain names require much more promotional efforts to create awareness.

8. Trademarks

This is one of the crucial steps to keep in mind if you do not want to entangle yourself in infringements. You must ensure that you do not end up using a domain name which has already been trademarked and registered by someone else, which can get you sued.

9. Differentiate

This is a factor very similar to the one about being unique. Your domain name should be able to differentiate your domain and set it apart from the rest of the herd with the use of a strong brand. This is the best way to add value to your domain with its name. Hence, name your website such a way so that it can work as a brand rather than just an ordinary domain name.

10. Hyphens and numbers

Using hyphens and numbers in domain names simply keep the criteria easy to type and remember unfulfilled.  Since you would not want that to happen, avoid using these as well as roman numerals or spelled-out numbers as they can get quite confusing.

11. Trends

It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to follow the latest trends followed by everyone. Avoid it. Everyone using a particular type of name for their domains does not mean it has worked for all of them or can work for your situation as well.

Image is unaltered and by: Rupert Ganzer