10 More Ways To Come Up With A Smokin Name For Your Company

Name For Your Company

The truth is that anyone can come up with a name for your company, but will this name be good enough? Finding a unique business name will boost your brand is not easy, but we’ve got some simple tips to keep in mind when brainstorming so you can eliminate the “not good enough” off your list of potentials and find the perfect name.

1. Is it unique?
If your business is not offering something that’s unique, no one will care to try your product or service. The same goes for your business name. If it is not unique, people will forget the name, and hence the business. You need a catchy company name that will stand out from the rest of the herd.

2. How do you spell it?
Sometimes misspellings do work as business names – we said sometimes. If you aren’t absolutely sure that your business is destined to thrive, then it’s best to go with traditional spellings, otherwise people will get confused. And that’s the last thing you want.

3. Can you say that again, please?
Do you like companies with names that you find really hard to pronounce? No one does. They are simply too complex to be kept in mind and most of use wont dare share it with others fearing we pronounce it wrong.

4. Don’t you think thats complicated?
Simplicity is in. Avoid complex names and go for short simple names so that people can remember your business easily. Avoid more than two syllables, hyphens, acronyms, and special characters that sound and look complicated.

5. Does it make sense?
You have to make sense in everything you do, and business names are no different. Of course you will find names of successful businesses that are made up, but that does not always work. You should also check if the name makes sense in other languages, especially if you wish to go global.

6. Is this relevant?
Try to put in some clue or information about your company in your business name for the customers. Relevance of the company name with the business tends to be more effective as people usually tend to remember such related names better.

7. Is the name available?
This is one of the most important points to remember. Always, I repeat always, check if your chosen business name is trademarked. If it is being used by an existing business move on. Next you need to check if the domain name is available as well.

8. Is it tooooooooo long?
Shorter names work better, but its not only the number of characters you should be concerned with, but also the number of syllables. 2-3 syllable words are easier to recall and having too many syllables can increase your chances of being forgotten.

9. Will it stand?

Make sure your name won’t limit your business to certain areas or time span and will allow your company to expand. This is why most of the wiser marketers or entrepreneurs tend to avoid names that relate to just one product line or one geographical area. Think towards the future.

10. Did you test it?
When you are able to generate enough appropriate business names, you need to test them. Ask friends, family or a group of potential customers to read the names without you pronouncing them first. Or say the words and ask them to spell the names. Come back in a few days and ask them to recall the names, which one stood out the most? You can also get a poll going for a few days and check the results, but remember not to get too caught up with other people’s opinions, if you like the name and it fits the characteristics, just go with it.

Got any more tips to share, or a cool story on how you names your company? Share them with us below.

Image by: Centophobia