10 Business Plan Softwares to Consider

Business Plan


Think that business plans aren’t for you? Think they might be a waste of time, effort and resources whereas you can easily go and set up a business without ever having any use for it? Well, it’s time to think again. If you want to have clear business objectives, be able to stay focused on your strategy, prioritize tasks, appropriately allocate responsibilities, make more informed decisions, monitor results and correct actions when required, then business plans are a must for you. Effective business plans are indispensable for any business.

The creation of a business plan can be expensive and time consuming, but there are a lot of services available that can help you in writing the business plan or prepare it entirely for you without breaking your bank.

However, with so many options available, it is difficult to choose only one. So do you randomly select one on the basis of price alone? No. That would be a huge mistake. Since each business plan software tends to have its own distinct set of pros and cons, you need to find which one suits you the most. For instance, some software provides one-size-fits-all offerings while others are designed for specific industries only, that’s why we’ll cover the 4 factors you should be considering when comparing different softwares.

1. Business plan type

You need to choose your business plan software depending on the type of business plan you need. And the kind of business plan required can be identified based on your objectives such as attracting investors for funds or for internal strategic purposes. Most software tend to have the basic offering for the creation of startup business plans as well as options for investment plans. The best ones available also offer a range of specific templates and instructions for creating plans to meet goals such as growth and marketing.

2. Technical support

You should go for the business plan software which will have an actually helpful technical support system. Without this, you may end up wasting a lot of time and effort in trying to understand how to effectively utilize the software itself. Technical support can be provided in various ways such as email support, telephone support or even live-chat options. In fact, a lot of software nowadays even has social media support. If you are lucky, you can also find online user guides to help you.

3. Document tools

Creation of business plans require a lot more than writing down a few details. You need to generate and incorporate customer segment details, competitor profiles, financial estimations, market research and assessment and so on. For all of these, simple word-processing tools aren’t enough. The software you are going to choose should also possess a variety of other tools such as chart builders and financial calculators. They should also be able to import information from other programs such as Excel or QuickBooks if needed as well as allow entire teams to collaborate and connect simultaneously.

4. Research resources

Extensive research is needed when preparing any effective business plans, which entails collecting, analyzing and interpreting accurate, relevant and timely information. For this reason, you should select the business plan software that will help you in accessing databases and publications involving business and market analysis, statistics, trends and so on. Effective software also has the important feature of facilitating in the search of investors as well as providing legal advice and professional guidance. A number of software even offer pitch training and advice for implementation of the plan after the completion of the business plan creation.
Now how about we make it a lot easier for you via a suggestion of 10 business software that you can check out for your business? Here you go:

  1. BizPlan.com
  2. Business Plan Pro
  3. Business Plan Success
  4. Business PlanMaker
  5. iPlanner
  6. LivePlan
  7. Plan Write for Business
  8. PlanMagic Business
  9. QuickPlan
  10. Ultimate Business Planner

All these business plan softwares allow you to be compatible, whether you are running a food business, a tech startup or even a non-profit business. The layouts are all there, waiting for you to insert your own figures.

Want to add more to this list? Just comment below to let everyone know about other software that you think are worthy of being mentioned.