cool brand names

The Fame and Fortune of Cool Celebrity Brand Names

Ever wondered what some celebrities do on the side? Well here are a few cool startups with awesome brand names to check out.

Female Entrepreneur

The Power of the Female Entrepreneur

Do female entrepreneurs have a more positive effect on their startups than men? Once study believes they may.

cool brand name

Stripe: The Evolution of a Cool Brand Name

After several attempts at capturing the essence of what they do in a cool brand name, the brand Stripe was born.

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Winning Companies have Winning Brand Names

Cool brand names that won the TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield 2016.


Are These Startups Ahead of the Curve?

Since no one can accurately predict the market trends of b2b tech, these startups try to invent it.

Tech Startups

It’s a Brand New World for Home Tech Startups

Home tech startups are quickly penetrating and revolutionizing our lifestyle. The future is today and here are some of the tech startups that are bringing it to your door.

Unicorn Company

Brand Your Startup Like a Unicorn

A unicorn is a startup that’s reached a valuation of $1 billion or more. We all wish to achieve this level, and it all starts with your branding.