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Tools to use for promoting BrandBucket

There are many proven ways to successfully promote a business like BrandBucket, but the real value is using a mix to get a good effect and to keep momentum going. Here we will share a few of our favorite practices...we hope you take advantage of them all!

Live Responsive Widget

The BrandBucket widget is an awesome tool that you can add to your website and showcase domains specific to a keyword or term. It responds to the customers needs, and allow a more interactive listing of the BrandBucket directory. You can add it to your website or blog and control the size and style.


We offer an easy to use API for those who wish to have more control of the domain listings your visitors see. This allows you to pull up domains that are relevant to your visitors search term, and showcase them as you see fit.


We offer videos that you can use to showcase the power of BrandBucket. Video is known to be a major player in relaying information quickly and effectively and conversion rates sky rocket when video is added to any marketing mix. Our videos are memorable, humorous and will help relay your message.


We supply some banners for you to compliment your marketing efforts. A great visual tool in promoting BrandBucket on your website. Simply post them on your site, and let them run. To really make an impact don't rely on banners alone and make sure to utilize a mix of everything.

Suggested Strategies

Write A Blog
Probably the most proven successful tactic. Be honest and straightforward. No marketing talk, just one friend to another recommending something that is beneficial. Put effort into this one, a well written review from an advocate perspective can really push a sale.

Email Marketing
If you have a following and subscribers then sending out an email talking about BrandBucket and the benefits of brandable domain names, can increase the potential of sales. Complimenting this with attractive pictures and some live examples will help.

Go Social
Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and bookmarking sites are all great ways to get the publicity you’re looking for. Many potential buyers browse and search for weeks before committing, so regular social posts will help them find BrandBucket faster and easier.

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